hey guys

i was just thinking

is it possible to retrofit an original floyd rose in an Ibanez RG??

cause i have an RG370dx and was thinking of changing floating bridges


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A lot of people are going to say NO ONLY OFR will fit or NO ONLY EDGEPRO will fit. All I know is one of my rg's is a 5ex1 that used to have a Edge III, I put the OFR studs in the same holes as the original studs and it works fine w/ no extra wear compared my ATX-FR which has a OFR also.

only issue is the cavity is design fora symmetrical Edge III but the OFR is a little asymmetrical [larger on the bar side] strictly cosmetic.
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sweet thanks
the bridge i have at the moment is an edge III also

so are there any restrictions in using the floyd rose?
like does it not move a certain distance when using the whammy??
it's different on certain models I think.

there's a user on here who had to mod his RGT42 slightly in order to fit an OFR in. it was only a minor bit of sanding to the side of the route, but I'm just saying not all routes for the Edge III are exactly the same.
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I am also looking to retrofit a OFR into a Ibanez RGT42DX Edge III. It seems to be possible.

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