I have a choice of 3 preamps which I'm thinking about getting.

They are the Line 6 UX2 - $140, Line 6 GX - $50, or Line 6 UX1 - $90.

I have researched them and listed out their differences and the only differences I can find are the amount of inputs.

I plan to record Bass, Guitars, and vocals and plan to somehow get some computerised drums in there to. Some help with the drums?

Any suggestions?
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none of those are preamps, they are audio interfaces.
They do have an on board preamp or two in them though.

The toneports are not all that great in sound quality nor are they 2.0 USB units but they do work...

I say go with the UX1, anything above that and I would be looking into other interfaces such as the PreaSonus Inspire 1394 or an M-Audio product
I could go for the ux1 but the ux2 has those extra inputs... it's kinda settled that im going for that one which im gonna import from the US because its £40 cheaper there.
I'd still look seriously at the PreSonus Inspire or a M-Audio Fast Track series interface. Surely you can find one of those reasonably priced across the pond. In the long run I think you'll be happier with one of those rather than one of the line 6 interfaces.

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Presonus Inspire 1394 and an Art Tube preamp. $200........
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