I have a choice of 3 preamps which I'm thinking about getting.

They are the Line 6 UX2 - $140, Line 6 GX - $50, or Line 6 UX1 - $90.

I have researched them and listed out their differences and the only differences I can find are the amount of inputs.

I plan to record Bass, Guitars, and vocals and plan to somehow get some computerised drums in there to. Some help with the drums?

Any suggestions?
You'd be better off in the Riffs&Recordings sub-forum.

Do you have a quality guitar amp and mic? If not, the Gearbox software might be of use. If so, then you might be better off looking at more higher end interfaces from the likes of M-Audio, Mackie etc.

With the drums, you can either-

1) Computer drum program (Acoustica Beatcraft, EZdrummer etc)

2) Real drums > Mics > Mixer > Line inputs of UX1/UX2 > Computer

3) Real drums > Mics > Interface with many inputs > Computer

I wouldn't recommend the second option.

EDIT- Check out my cover of Welcome Home (on my profile). Created using a UX1 (gearbox) and Acoustica Beatcraft

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You would think so wouldnt you but no one is responding there either. Thanks for your advice anyway. I'm probably going for the UX2 because I could probably do with the extra inputs.
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