I have £80 and an XBOX360 w/ GTA4, 2 wired controllers, one is a bit busted up..but works fine!
Has been modded and used on XBOX LIVE.
Also has soul calibur 4, crackdown, clive barkers jericho.
64mb mem card with it, no hard drive as it doesnt belong to me!!!

basically i want a guitar, not a crappy one, but one i can actually play

any offers..i might be able to add more cash.

I wil trade you an epiphone sg g-400 for the xbox, without the cash. it is an awesome guitar plays great. if you want to hear it i can play you some stuff over internet if ya want :P. i als have pics you can look at. you have msn?
dont have msn.
does it have trapezoid inlays, what year is it, how worn, what pickups?
post a pic if u can mate
cant edit post...is it a fitted neck also, case? im also in dire need of a decent cable!
again no damn edit sorry for the triple post..but its not my fault!!
what is the action like?
hardware condition?
recently set up?
tbh im specifically looking at metal based guitar stuff..
if the sg is good for that i will definately consider, but im also lookin at something like an rr3, esp-ltd stuff aswell.
Did have my eye on a nice guitar but money went on car..last resort is the xbox and guitar parts!!
Im a metal head and play metal on it all the time, works a treat, its in ace oncdition. neck can be removed. its 2 years old. dont know pickup model but i know they sound good to me . il post pics soon
sorry im going to have to decline..
i am not really into the dots on the FB

also i realised i have rock band with this xbox...