hey there, bought a used guitar off ebay, it arrived yesterday.

The photos make it look greyish (probably the flash), but it's actually a darker blue/green.

Anyway, im pretty dissapointed with it. It looks gorgeous, but I have some problems. The bridge pickup is very noisy, and it just doesnt seem to distort very well. I find I have to turn the distortion on the amp quite high to emulate the sound i get with my old rg370dx, and turning the distortion up makes it even more noisy. I plug my rg370dx in and it's silent. The ebony fretboard also has a glossy finish on it, which makes the fretboard feel slightly sticky, and sluggish. Not the smooth ebony fretboard i was hoping for.

I will most likely sell it soon, probably for the price i paid (hopefully). I'll probably stick to my rg370dx for now.

I was looking forward to making a post on here when i recieved my guitar, but it didnt turn out like i'd hoped . Buying a guitar without playing it is risky bussiness. Lesson learned.
Thats a nice guitar man! Congrats.
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that looks pretty nice. there's always a bit of risk involved when buying on ebay... are you sure the noise issue isn't just something that could be fixed with a little soldering?
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What kinda music are you trying to play with it, mine works perfectly fine for anything other than rediculously heavy metal
Why resell it? That stuff is easily fixed.
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it took me a while to get used to the glossy fretboards and now I find non-glossy sluggish, so maybe give it a chance.
Welcome to the ESP owners club, I love the Horizon!!!
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I think the Horizons are beautiful guitars, and one of ESP's best units. Maybe the fretboard has never been cleaned, and it just needs a good wipedown?? And are the pickups stock? Maybe the person you bought it from had messed with it a bit, or swapped it??? Real easy fixes.
As the other guys said look at the electrics, worst case scenario a new pickup in the bridge might be in order. As for the neck play it for a month and if you still dont like it look into selling it. Look into adjusting your technique as technically your fingers shouldn't be touching the fretboard ever, if you are then you will apply a bit too much pressure on the frets and they will wear down faster than if you had perfect technique.
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Pickups anymore rarely quit though... Especially not newer ones. I would have it re-soldered, maybe hit the switch and pots with contact cleaner first. If contact cleaner doesn't solve the issue, put in new pots, jack, and a new switch when you re-solder just to rule those. I would also wipe down the fretboard... it can get that nasty feeling (particularly ebony) if someone uses something like GHS fast fret on it and goes overboard
I actually noticed that if i face the horizon perpendicular to my amp, the noise drops a lot. I'm not sure if that gives a hint to what it the problem is. I'd expect that on high volume but its the same no matter how low the volume is. It could just simply be the pickups, and they just arent suited for high gain.

I use a lot of legato picking and i find that it doesnt work too well with the horizon due to the lack of gain. I recorded 2 tests, one with the horizon and one with the rg, playing the same thing, on the exact same settings etc, both on the neck pickup. (Excuse the tone, its with my little practice amp).

First, the rg.

rg370dx test.mp3 - 0.14MB

Now the horizon

esp horizon fr-ii test.mp3 - 0.14MB

If you listen at the start, you can hear some noise from the horizon (isnt as loud as the bridge pickup, but still there). You can also notice when im doing hammer-ons, the volume drops. If i max out the gain on my amp, i can get the same flow as the rg, but the noise is just too loud. I guess i could just improve my technique and get it sounding the same even with less gain, maybe hammering on harder then usual, but the rg feels effortless compared.

rg pickups,
neck pu INF3 (H) neck pu
middle pu INFS3 (S) mid pu
bridge pu INF4 (H) bridge pu

horizon pickups,
NECK PICKUP : Seymour Duncan SH-1n
BRIDGE PICKUP : Seymour Duncan TB-4

I will say that the Horizon does sound a lot better when im playing riffs etc. The cleans are amazing, the neck pickup for cleans is warm and clear. Other guitars tend to be a little too muddy for me for cleans on the neck pickup. I wont sell it soon, i'll give it a few months.
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Get a guitar tech to look over the electronics. He might need to add some shielding and whatnot. And if you don't like the muddy pickups it came with, don't sell the guitar simply replace them with something better.
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Try replacing the pickups and giving the fretboard a good hard wipedown with a cloth
The electronics appear to be fine. I guess ill search for some pickups more appropriate to my style, the neck pickup isnt a high-out put pickup so ill have to find another that gives nice cleans aswell as high output. I'll replace the bridge pickup aswell, it sounds ok but the noise is a little annoying. I've given the fretboard a few wipes with no luck. I assume lemon oil etc is useless on a finished fretboard, so i probably wont bother with that. I might try using some fast fret.
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I actually noticed that if i face the horizon perpendicular to my amp, the noise drops a lot. I'm not sure if that gives a hint to what it the problem is. .

Actually, that sounds like it's wired with the coils split. crack open the back and see if the red and white wires are soldered together and taped off. They should not be in contact with anything but each other.