This is one I did up last night. Again like the last few that I've posted I'm using Computer generated samples and then recording Drums, Bass & Guitar overtop. I messed with the samples pitch and ended up having to tune a "Quarter Step Down" hence the title.


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Wow. I love how the song feels like Moby's better songs, but then even slightly more "rock" so I like it better I love how your guitar tone really suits this song, it's funny because in other song I would have to tell you that your tone sucks :p but it works great here!

Very nice!! Eager to hear more..
Thanks for critting mine!

I like it, and if I have one complaint, I think it would have to be that because of that electronic-y sample that stays in the background of the song which maintains like, the same tonality throughout the whole thing, it feels like it doesn't go any where after a while. Which I don't mind because it was a really cool jam, but it'd be cool to see it extrapolated into different directions, you know. But regardless I did like that sound alot, nice guitar and bass work...and I really dug that syncopation at the very end.
what sort of equipment did you use to make it?
Thanks for checking it out. As far as equipment I use for my tunes:

Various samples via. Computer into my Tascam 8 Track Digital Recorder
Then I add drums (Pearl 5 piece) & Percussion
Washburn 'Taurus' Bass into a Fender 65 watt Bass Amp
Fender Strat (various pedals) into my custom Guitar Amp
Sometimes a 1980's Casio Keyboard punched through a Fender Princeton 65 watt Guitar Amp
All recorded with Samson mics.
Then I mix it by hand via the faders on the Tascam and burn it to disc and upload to the net.

Thats about it!
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Thanks guys. Zeguitarist: When you mentioned my tone what song were you refering to?

Lol, I meant nothing too serious, just that for this genre of songs your guitar tone is amazing but for other genres (more widespread genres like pop, rock, etc) guitarists would kill you if you played with that tone xD I only meant that your tone is perfect for the songs you play, and when I wrote that I was listening to Quarter Step Down.

Also, I believe I critted you twice while you only critted me once.. Care to crit my newest cover? It's Muse's Map of the Problematique:

Cool. No I just wondered which tune you meant but yeah, I totally agree with your point. If I was playing hard rock or something with that tone yes I would likely be slapped!

Yeah, no problem I'll take a listen for sure. I think I've critted your Bronyaur video and La Flor De Mi Vida but I like music and your stuff is cool so it'd be my pleasure!

Thanks again.
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I like the idea for the song, the mixing of styles, the intro and how it transitions especially. Unfortunately the song doesn't really go anywhere. It doesn't develop until the end and by that time its too late. The guitar tone DOES fit the song nicely but maybe you could turn it up just a *little* bit. I like the way it sits in the mix it just sucks that the song gets boring after minute 2 or so. This is cool stuff though, keep up the good tunes.
Yeah I can see how it might feel that way but it may just be that we have slightly different tastes. I don't have the slightest problem grooving to a 60 minute version of "Sand" by Phish so I guess maybe I just have a different way of looking at things. If you think that's long you should check out "Metamorphism" on my page too! Either way thanks for your crit and I'm glad you checked it out!