Okay I've had this prob for ages and sometimes it's worse. If I am playing a clean tune then it sounds more obvious. I don't know how to avoid this and it's driving me insane. If I bend say the G string on the tenth fret, often on the release I will sound the D or A string when my fingers performing the bend move up. I've tried doing it slowly and it STILL happens. Please help me this is driving me nuts!
You should be muting the A string with the outside palm of your picking hand.

To mute the D string, try this-

Place 3rd finger on the fret of the note you want to bend. Place 2nd finge behind to support your 3rd finger. Now place your 1st finger so the flesh is resting on both the string you are bending and the string above it. Most the bending should come from your 2nd/3rd finger.

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Ok, Well i think this might help, but try muting the unused strings with ur right hand as if u were palm muting, so they dont sound, and then on ur left hand, make it so the fingers ur not using to bend the string mute the unused strings.
keep practicing i would say, also try muting the strings that u dont wanna play with ur strumming hand
You need to learn proper muting techniques. Left hand muting is done with the index finger by overlapping the tip lightly onto the string thicker than the one you are playing and flattening slightly to mute the thinner strings. Right hand muting is done by resting the fleshy pinky side of your palm lightly on the thicker strings. You can get away with only muting the strings next to the one you are playing. But if you want to be a muting virtuouso, like SRV, you mute all but the ones you are playing and then strum (even when you are playing single tones!)
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when you release you can always mute everything with ur pick hand. or start playing the next thing right away. but really you should keep on doin it slow and see exactly whats causing the problem and what part of ur finger is touching the other strings.

oh and the clean setting just shows it more cuz distortion hides the sound with all the overdrive.
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