Any codemonkeys in here know how to do this? Is it legal? I'm putting a website together for my band/project, and looking to embed my UG player in my MP3 page so I don't have to manage my songs in all sorts of crazy different places. Just one crazy place! :P

Anyone got any ideas on how to achieve this?

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I'm by far any good with code, but this is the first thought that came into my head.

Worth a try
I've found the right part of the code in the page source but have no idea what to do next as I don't have an effing clue how to embed javascript.
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The player uses an array of your songs client-side, so it'd be hard for you to maintain it, because if you added a new song, you would have to update that array again.

There are a few crazy methods you could do if you really wanted, though. But I wouldn't go for it - I'd ask the UG guys to provide an API for it..
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