Why does everyone assume that 'use the search bar' is an acceptable answer to all threads.

Q: "what amp should i get?"
A: "use the search bar!"

Q: "i like guitar!"
A: "use the search bar!"

Q: "should i commit suicide?!"
A: "use the search bar!"

Im sick of seeing it in every f.ucking thread................heres some news not everything can be found by using the f.ucking search bar!!!

Not every possible topic has been though up and therefore there is no way to search it. Also the search bar doesnt return half the f.ucking results anyway hence why people always start a new thread!

After finding what you are looking for in the search bar (or that odd occasion you do), when ever you want to bump it and get it going again...........nobody replies. This is why every creates a new thread, so that people will answer!

I mean what is the big fu.cking deal with the damn search bar............who cares if it saves making a new thread, its not you that has to deal with the problem of keeping the server tidy!



(since i know (if its not the first reply) a reply will most certainly be 'use the search bar'. I want to say a f.uck you! in advance for your reply)
Use the searchbar...
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Use the searchbar

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Use the searchbar...

Stop whining and learn your theory!

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Most questions (including this one) could be answered by looking at old threads faster than making a new thread.
This has been done before, use the searchbar.
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Did you searchbar today?
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Most questions (including this one) could be answered by looking at old threads faster than making a new thread.

^true enough

i do hate how some people need to be assholes and put "searchbar" 10 times in a thread.

it also bugs me when people insert *reported*. can't you just report without rubbing it in?
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i agree with you, search bar jokes arent, and never were funny

True & most of the time if someone makes a new thread about opinions on something people say use the search bar. But in all honestly those opinions could be very well outdated. Posts containing the phrase 'use the search bar' are generally useless and a waste of space.
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