I've been only playing for about a month and a half, recently I started learning power chords and bar chords. I wake up in the morning and my thumb and palm area hurt like hell IF I stretch it, like I went to grab my blanket cause it was chilly and it was by my foot, POW, omg it's like the pain you get when you stretch a pulled muscle. This has been happening for 5 days now, I have been searching a lot about RSI, tendinitis, and what not. All I can say about that is, I don't really have many of the symptoms for those, and I actually play barre chords + power chords WITHOUT my thumb just because I'm so afraid of getting tendinitis. If I do use it, it's there barely touching anything. I tried the tendinitis test, where you wrap your thumb with your fingers and pull downward, it only hurts in the morning but not much, like right now I can do that all day long, it still could be tendinitis, but it'd have to be the very beginning. I've stopped playing for 1 day now, today being day 2. Also (jesus this is getting long, sorry hah) I have no pain whatsoever while playing, it is slightly sore at the moment though. What do you guys think it could be?
If you are playing acoustic it may be your string tension, I would also advise using the thumb to help take stress off the rest of your hand.
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dude check a doctor,
quit playing guitar for a while, seriously you should, if its been hurting for 5 days it probably something serious, or not.

leave it for a few days and dont even touch your guitar then play it, if it still hurts definitely check a doctor
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Just rest you hand till it feels better mate. How frequently and for how long each time do you play?

And yeah don't avoid using your thumb.

Doesn't sound like RSI, so I'd guess your hand's probably just knackered from playing too much.
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you are clamping way tot hard to the neck, that happens to almost all new players. Try to relax more and try to do more 'accoustic' songs in which u use open chords. You should not really play barre chords before you can play open chords.

As i was saying the pain thing comes from putting to much strain to your muscles thy to play as relaxed as you possibly can and dont try to overdo yourself by playing things that are to hard for you to play right now. You have a liftime of practisetime left so dont rush.
Oh I do know a lot of open chords, those songs are really easy for me, that's what I practiced for the first month, (I played for about 5-8 hours everyday, seriously.) I'm going with online lessons, I pretty much know major open chords, dominant7th and major7th chords (learning others as well) but I took about a week off and then I recently started learning power chords which aren't really hard at all, I don't think I'm straining much, but that might be the case with the barre chords, I'm taking off a few days hopefully it feels better, if not. Doctor time. , also recently I've been probably practicing for 3-5 hours a day, or more. I forgot to mention I use an acoustic guitar.
The answer is simple, you play too much and your hand isn't used to it yet (and even with more experience, it's simply too much). This is no tendonitis or anything serious in my opinion, your hand muscles are just tired from too much practising.

There is no limit to the time you can practice, but over four hours a day is already a lot. No wonder why your hand hurts, especially since you're a beginner. Just rest for a few days and practice less, you have all the time you want to get better, no need to rush it. Playing too much leads to injuries, and you don't need eight hours a day to train and progress decently.
You're probably right. Most of the time I'm just having fun practicing and don't notice how long I've been playing hah. A lot of the time I just play in 30 or so minute increments as well though, bah I'm not sure, I'll just lay off the guitar for a week.