i know quite alot of melodic death metal bands etc. like In flames(earlier albums) children of bodom, kalmah, and bands like that.
But now i need some new bands to listen to , so anyone know some good melodic metal?
My favourite all time melodic death metal band is Amon Amarth. Every song they write sounds new and refreshing and the songs are packed full of riffs and licks, try these songs:

Twilight of the thundergod (new)
Guardians of asgard (new)
Versus the world
Pursuit of vikings (all time fav)
With oden on our side
Cry of the blackbirds

There are loads more songs but those 6 come to my head straight away. If you dont like them go on wikipedia and find a list of heavy metal genres, death meta, melodic death metal and then the list of bands. Hope it helps!