Got an old Squier (with a new neck in it) and was wondeirng if an active pickups set would sound any good in it? (Through a decent amp of course, gonna get a Bugera 333XL at some point)

Only reason I ask is I did a custom body job on it, just for fun, and really liked it, got a new neck to make it more playable, but it still sounds like pap even with an old set of Ibanez stock pickups I had spare (V7/V8) - sounds REALLY hollow, proabably due to the massive body cavity in it.

Would an active set be negatively affected by this?
Emg's, probably not. Duncan Blackouts, F**** YES.

Emg's are known for sounding pretty much the same in anything, with only extremely subtle, if any differences at all, with varying body woods/conditions.

Duncan Blackouts are the counterpoint to the Emg's, as they rely much more heavily on the body wood/condition for their sound.
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no not really, one of the major gripes people have with EMG's is that they sond the same in anything and are not affected by wood at all

they are slightly but its only miniscule, so i would give it a go
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