Today, I was bored, and I decided to start reading a new book. I had picked up some old books at used book stores and stuff. So I picked out Point Counter Point today. Whenever I start reading a book, I always research a little bit about it before I start reading. So I go to the handy dandy Wikipedia, and look it up. It says it was originally printed in 1928. And that number kinda struck me, I was thinking, "Did it say somewhere in the front sections 1928?". So I look at another website just to make sure... Amazon. Again, it says 1928. So I finally look inside my edition, and it says 'COPYRIGHT, 1928, BY DOUBLEDAY DORAN & COMPANY'.

So I'm thinking I have a first edition of the book? And I picked it up for 50 cents. How much do you think this is worth?

It's in fairly good condition, it looks like it has water stains on some of the pages. I'm pretty pumped to have found this.
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Naw, that's just the copyright date.

Hmm.. nowhere else does it say, though, that it's the second edition/printing. All it says is that, and on the front, front page, "The publishers will be pleased to send, upon request, an illustrated folder setting forth the purpose and scope of THE MODERN LIBRARY, and listing each volume in the series. Every reader of books will find titles he has been looking for, handsomely printed, in unabridged editions, and at an unusually low price."
You obviously have a book. You should trade it in for something time relevant. Like some crack.
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It just means it will suck when you read it because old books have crumbly pages and they rip easy.
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If I had a camera, I'd post a picture.... but I don't.

It looks pretty old. I was just curious if any of you would know, or if you knew a website where you could look up something like that.