I am considering buying an MIM 70s series Strat, but I have heard that the stock pick ups are too noisy and too thin sounding.

In your experience, what is the best type of pick ups able to provide the notorious Strat quack, but adding some beef too (especially in the bridge position)?
seymour duncan hotrails. got em in mine, sounds sweet. i play in an iron maiden/metallica style band, they sound powerful and crunchy in the bridge pos., but switch to the neck (i play mine through a Boss MT-2 into a Marshall JCM 900 head and 4x12 cab) and you get the most gorgous thick 'dave murray solo style' sound.
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Thanks. What is the indicative price of these?

depends where you are and where you go, here you can go to a guitar shop and pay £90 and they will fit them for you for free

they are cheaper on the internets but then you have to fit them yourself, which requires soldering
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Lace Sensors w00t! A -they're noiseless
B- they sound boss
C - The number of different combinations you can make with them are pretty endless, just look on the wikipedia page for the color codes, they will tell you whats what

Billy Corgan uses them and I believe they come stock on the Eric Clapton Signature.