Whats a good Lefty Bass to get for a beginner (teenager)?

I see the cheap stuff on ebay and am tempted but i will never buy a guitar without 1st playing it. Too much junk out there.

What should I look for?

What should I stay away from?

I was looking for something around $150.00 USD

is Ibenez a trusted name. I saw alot of bad necks on them.

thanks, in advance
Look around for Squiers and Ibanezes. Look around in shops mainly cos Ebay can be sketchy for guitars
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Well mostly every company makes lefty models, it's just that the stores hardly ever have them in stock.

So you could just check the FAQ thread for a good beginner bass.
And yes Ibanez is a trusted name.
Ibanez is well regarded around here. If the bass is for a complete beginnner, you can probably just get a right-handed bass. I wouldn't think that learning right handed would really hamper anyone too much, as the movements for both hands will be so unnatural to begin with anyway. Going righty will leave many more purchasing options open down the road too.
if your just starting don't get a left handed bass. i am left handed and i play a normally bass. it isn't hard at all. i have an acoustic ibanez and i like it. also epiphone has a good starter pack that i got when i started.