do they exist?
it desn't say on the website, i can't get through on customer services either?

*waits for the inevitable horde of people telling me to learn to play righthanded*
Discontinued models
513 Rosewood (Brazilian rosewood neck)
Custom 22 Soapbar
Mark Tremonti Model (Stoptail; 12th fret "Mark Tremonti" inlay)
McCarty Standard
McCarty Soapbar Standard
Modern Eagle (ME)
Singlecut Tremolo Modern Eagle (SCT ME)
Santana I
Santana III
Santana SE
McCarty Archtop
Singlecut - replaced by SC 245 (a 24.5" scale Singlecut) and SC 250 (a 25" scale Singlecut) in 2007
All Left-handed models
PRS Custom 22
Fender American Stratocaster
Fender Road Worn Telecaster
Fairclough Sky Accoustic

Laney VC15-110
Roland MicroCube
I'm sure you can get one custom-made, but be prepared to sell your car, sell your house, and give up your first-born child to buy it.
I looked into a PRS a while ago. Being a lefty to. I found no standard models and just aint willing to mortgage my house for a custom one.
****ing hell!!! im 15 and suppose i wont be gettin one then until i get older haha

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