(Invalid img) Can anyone please tell me what the hell guitar this is. we think it might be german and we're pretty sure it's from the 60's, above and beyond that, we know nothing. no brand name. there's a sticker on the back for the serial number, but it's worn off.
can anyone identify this great sounding thingy or point me in the direction of someone who can.

its a fibson lespaulocaster
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It is a mid 1720's "Thy ol' Gemibison" Fiddlecaster!!!

doubt you can get much for it as they are pretty comon guitars i think they made somewhere bewteen 35-80 million of those in the month during the 1720's!
Looks either like a Kay or a Teisco.
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looks a little like a rickenbacker (sp).
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how does it play and sound?

it's got a real bassy and fuzzy sound. very white stripes if that makes more sense. the body is actually very well made and designed. the neck is just uber big and crappy.
I'm pretty sure its a 1960s Teisco not sure what model though, never seen one with les paul style knobs though
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looks a little like a rickenbacker (sp).

I have no choice but to agree, but whats the point in knowing what it is if you like it.
i have this washburn lyon "THING" its orange and kind of like a V and i paid 250 for it which was a friggin rip off cuz there was one on ebay for like 75 bucks, but it plays like a 500 dollar guitar, and i like it, just have to finish getting it set up and other stuff. but any way the guitar that this thread is about definitely looks like a ricken backer.
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I think it's a Teisco MJ 2 or something of that nature, and someones added humbuckers to it.

Maybe so.
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