Well i've been browsing recently doing some research etc. looking to upgrade my Combo amp to a half stack.

so basically i need a head in the price range of about 600 and under. The majority of what i play is Metal, so i want a good distortion, but nothing to extreme. It also doesn't need to be Tube. and has to be loud Enough for gigging.

right now im interested in these 2 amps



so basically i need opinions on a good Head for under 600 bucks, btw i do not want a bugera if anyone is thinking about recommending that to me lol
what cab are you using first?

Secondly, I would look secondhand. what music you playing?

edit, saw what your playing.

I might recomment a 5150/6505.
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I would usually recommend Bugera over either, but since you want to avoid that.
Perhaps a used Peavey 5150? I strongly recommend you try one out.
yea what ever i decided to buy i was going to buy second hand, as for the cab i would just by what ever would be recommended for the specific head.