They sound horrible and muddy at high volumes, I'd say the low watt ones aren't too bad as practice amps but the high watt ones are just pointless, if your gonna get a gigging Marshall it has to be valve.
They're not as bad as people say. They're just not good amps, but they're not horrible either.
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Oh I am not gonna buy a Marshall till I can afford like a JCM 800 or somethin like that. I was just wondering wat is so bad about them and now I know. Ty.

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They arent terrible just arent that good. The little ones like spiders are ok for use as something small to practice with. But anything else there is way better to be had. And they seem to have some serious reliability issues not long after the warranty runs out. There have been alot of "my MG quit working" or "my MG does strange things when I dont want it to" threads on UG.
I did have a MG110hdFX half stack and the thing seriously didn't know what tone was. The only way I could get an alright tone was to plug my zoom fx unit through it. But the built in features royaly suck. I now have a DSL 401 which is pretty good but I still can't get a great shred tone out off it, its great for ac/dc but not so great for stuff like john petrucci unless I use pedals.
What really turned me away from the MG series was the price. I didn't even bother testing one out.