due to annoying car insurance bills...i havto sell my schecter =[
i really dont want to but hey nothings free
so im thinkin with the money i have left over what guitar should i get out of these:
(my budget will be $250)

Esp ec50
Esp ec100
Any cheap fender telecaster

I play metal, screamo, hardcore, and just about anything else
Personally id go for the EC's because imo they are geared towards metal more....
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surely theres another way to pay for the bills that selling your schecter? :O
u could ***** yoursels to 50 fat chick for 20 bucks each or 25 really fat chicks for 40 bucks. Hey don't look at me like that fat chicks need love to they just gotta pay for it he he alright.

But get the ec100
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U sure u want a floydrose? those things will make your nerves explode

however this tele has EMGs and such so not quite as close
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