Hey guys, could anybody recomend me a decent delay pedal? I'm after something compact that has tap tempo.

I'm currently using a cheap Behringer delay, it sounds a lot better than you'd expect for £20 but it's not that great a pedal if i'm perfectly honest.

Any advice would be apreciated, cheerz\
TC Electronic Nova or Empress Super Delay if you can afford them.
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That's it :|
boss dd7 if you can afford it.. it does everything man. It even has a short looper built into it.

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Budgets up to £100 really, I wouldn't want to spend more than that really. I'm not interested in delays with a loop function either because they just add to the cost ... and i allready have an RC-2 which is great for that sort of thing.

Anyway yeah, looking around the £50-£100 mark