It's on sale...?

Sorry I couldn't help I've never played through one.
They're pretty good amps, especially for the price.
They're just on sale. They won't be for long, the lower-wattage models are already back up in some places.
I'm putting my GAS on hold
for a couple months in order to pimp my ride.

Don't judge me.
Okay, sorry for my spammish post, but I just have to say: That's an awesome deal!
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They are just on sale, if your into classic rock or any midgained type tone, they are really great if your on a budget. Grab one if you need a new amp becasuse they won't this price much longer. BTW I have heard the 30 and 18 watt version sound better than the 50, so you may want to look into those, but I have no first hand experence.
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*tempted to buy one just to sell for profit*
It says no shipping cost. Is this true?
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my mum is a retard
i don't think i've ever seen many things go on sale for HALF off. unless some kind of issue or they were about to be discontinued.
From what the site says it has power tubes but makes no mention of preamp tubes. And the reviews were not exactly glowing about their reliability.
Just in general, stuff is cheaper when it's made overseas of cheaper materials and using copied designs. This is how Bugera, Crate, and numerous others get by. Companies also often blow things out when they are about to be discontinued. I don't think these ever really caught on like most SS Pre/Tube Power amps for some reason.