Alright, I have an LTD F-2005 (the 30 year anniversary guitar) and the tone knob is loose and I know nothing about fixing this kind of thing.

I know most of the time you can just pull the knob off and tighten whatever lies beneath, but this isn't the case. The knob doesn't come off.

Here's what it looks like:

I thought the little hole was for a hex key, because a little one came with the guitar, but I stuck it in and it doesn't catch on anything.

I also unscrewed the plate on the back of the guitar and there's nothing to tighten the knob on the inside either.

The picture isnt clear enough for me to know for sure, but I would reccommend a small screwdriver. Usually a flat head for knobs.

Atleast that is how my guitars are.
its either smal screwdriver or small allen key
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Yeah, it was an allen key. They just didn't give the correct size with the guitar so I had to half-ass it out. Got it fixed though. Thanks folks.