HI, i bought my first valve amp a fender hot rod deluxe about 3 months ago.

Today I turned it on, after letting it warm up, and there is just a loud buzzing noise.

I dont know much about valve amps, but does it seem like the valves are broken?
IM going to take it to my local shop to have a look, but if they are broken, does it matter what valves i replace them with or not?

thanks for any help
Ehm... Turn off the volume knobs then restart it?
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i've tried that. It makes a buzzing sound even when the volume is zero. Thats why i suspect it may be the valves.
A hum when all the volume and gain knobs are all the way down indicates that it's something in the power tubes or power supply. Try replacing the power tubes and rebiasing. If it's not the power tubes, you need to get your filter caps checked for leakage and replaced.