I currently have a Fender Strat imitation. Its my first guitar so at first I figured that the screeching strings and general horrible fuzz that occurs with distortion (and the weak squek when I attempt to play anything heavier than Dance Dance) were normal. However, at my friends house I played his Ibanez Jem and the sound quality was amazing. No squek, no horrible car-wreck fuzz.
So, now I'm considering buying an Ibanez. Theres plenty of range (and also plenty of high costs) but I narrowed it down to the GRG 170 DX (a Jem is out of my price range). As a novice, I have no idea if this is a good choice to make.
Someone help?
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I have one and am really pleased with it, for the price it is a really nice guitar. The pickups aren't the best, but they're not terrible either, just make sure you have a decent amp first.
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What amp do you have?
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I've got a proper Marshall amp - an MG10CD- thats why I figured it was the guitar not the amp.
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I've got a proper Marshall amp - an MG10CD- thats why I figured it was the guitar not the amp.

Ok, the MG series are terrible amps compared to the Marshalls you're probably thinking of.
Also remember than the amp makes a HUGE chunk of your tone. A bad guitar through a high-end custom amp will sound amazing.

Therefore, I suggest you buy a new amp.
i used to have one and i think it's a really good one for it's price.
decent pickups.
good action height.
durable parts

but! one problem i encountered a lot was its ability to hold tune. after a few bends or so you probably will have to tune it. i suggest you get the GRG270 if you can put in a little bit more money. it has the same pickups as the 170. but it comes with locking nuts.
If you want an Ibanez and can save up abit more I would suggest the S series or the RG fixed if you're not being insistent to a floating bridge. Gio series is the lowest end Ibanez and I think you might want something better for your 2nd guitar. it's just my opinion
i think i'll have another look
and maybe get a new amp!
and remember when your laughing
im a just newbie
I've got a GRG too. It's my first guitar, so it suits me fine But I definitely agree with howZz; if you can afford to go a little higher-end and you can already play a bit, it makes sense to get something a little better. Maybe an RG370DX if you want a locking trem, because they're pretty inexpensive.
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All ibanez gios or aka grgs suck dick shit my friend has one and it sounds like shit

No, they don't. Maybe it sounds like shit becuse he plays like shit, or he has an amp like shit.

I have a GRG270B and I'm very satisfied with it. It doesn't sound bad through a good amp. I haven't played GRG170DX, but I once met a guy who said it's a very good guitar for the price, and that was coming from a guy who owned a lot of guitars, he even had expensive custom guitar made for him.