My grandpa died a few years ago... When he died I found an old acoustic Jazz guitar in his garage that according to my grandma was bought around 1948-1952... The brand of the guitar is "Swinger" ( Never heard about ). So i just wonder how much is this guitar worth if i would sell it?''


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Of course you are not really going to sell out your family heritage. It's just that you want to know how heavy your door locks should be and how expensive the insurance, right? Don't worry, it's probably not a sought after collectors item; just an ordinary department store cheapy that would now be worth a few hundreds at most.
For you it's priceless, especially if it sounds good, plays well and is otherwise in good working order. In that case you can use it as any other guitar. Play it every day and even take it on stage. With some proper maintenance and if no accidents happen, eventually you may pass in on to one of your own grand children.
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