Hello UG people,

Check out my solo project Burn The System, I have put my 3 part demo entitled 'Waiting For The Dawn' up to listen to.

It is written, recorded and produced by myself, taking influence from many artists and styles from In Flames and Meshuggah to eerie film soundtracks such as those of John Carpenter and also the dissonant works of Arnold Schoenberg (not that I use any type of serialist composition, but I like the sense of foreboding and disonance he creates in his pieces).

Anyway give me a listen, add me and leave a comment if you like it

This is really, really good, mate, I like it a lot. Really spacey, trippy... I need more stuff like this

Will it remain a one-man thing or do you intend to get a band together for it?
Cheers man that's kl to hear you're enjoying it ^_^

Erm yeah I think it's just gonna be me doing this for the foreseeable future, and possibly some friends of mine sessioning on recordings.

I'm in a band though writing kind of similar but different stuff to this, we are in the process of finding a decent name and about to start recording so I will probably post a link to that once we get a myspace properly sorted.
Awesome stuff, keep it up, very nice!

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I might just make you a thread in the Metal forum for some more promotion. I'm assuming that won't be breaking any rules.
i like your influences. i can definitely hear the fell silent/architects/tesseract influence. Your harsh vocals are amazing, exactly the kind i want for my music, i suck at mid-highs tho
Weeyyy, Good stuff man, Nice to see you've got Tesseract and FS on your Influences
I went to school with John Browne ^^

I mean your mid range vocals are amazing i just can never get a good tone, im working on a fellsilent meets btbam meets architects project atm
Cheers, yeah that sounds sweet man

Yeah I just sort of experimented with alot of different types of screams, as u might have heard on the 3rd part I took a slightly different approach to the screaming.

Also I'm starting recording next week with my band thats still yet to be named(we have one just waiting to all agree on it lol)

Proggy Metal type stuff but more melodic especially vocally as we have a female vocalist , links to that will be up here soon.
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NICE Terminator quote lol. Good stuff, to. You should really look into recording somewhere where you can get better sounds. It really suffers from the lack of quality. I mean it isn't bad at all for something "home made" but if it were top quality you'd REALLY have something to work with.
We're only strays.
Finally..........we've got our act together and finished a recording with the new band

We are called Concavity


As said before its a bit different to my solo stuff, vocals being completely different
And real drums this time as opposed to EZdrummer lol

But yeah similarities are there as you may notice in the guitar parts especially.