I have been having problems with my guitar and I need a professionals help. I have been trying to bend my string on the 15th fret on the B string and everytime I try to make a full bend it makes this noise and stops. I can't bend the B string on the 16th fret either. I don't know what's wrong it seems to only be the B string. Do I need a new string?
I had a similar problem when bending and upon further inspection I found that the pickup was riding way too high and cutting off the vibration. Check to make sure the bridge, pickups, frets are all sitting fine. If it's none of those then your fingers might just be too weak.

It's probably not the string as a problem with the string not sounding would be noticeable across the whole string, not a specific fret.
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if new strings dont work lower your pick ups or raise your bridge a hair, if you adjust your bridge compensate with the truss rod if none of these work its time to refret or get a new guitar.
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Maybe have a change of strings, that might a good idea. Also, check the frets for any damage or anything of a sort. Or lower the pickups.
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it's usual when playing a little cheaper guitars (under 700&euro. Adjust your bridge, or ask your guitar-teacher to adjust it.
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Not true Pekar. When my high E string goes bad, is sounds insanely ugly at 12-15th fret, nowhere else. Ya bud Adjust your pickup, if that don't work by a new B string.
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