Hello Guys,

I hope you can help me with this one.

So here I am, having this Squier Stratocaster,
but I do Not know what kind of pick-ups I have,
the only thing I know is that they're 3 single coils.

Now I Here are the questions:

I'm wanting the Pick-ups, which this link leads to:

(It's Dutch, but I hope you'll get the idea.)

But now I'm wondering, is it able to fit those humbuckers in the guitar,
if before there were Single Coil pick-ups?

Next Question:

What Guitars come with those P90-Pick-ups?
I've been searching the web over and over, but don't
seem to find any. I hope you could lend me a hand.

-Cheers, Rock On!
I'm just guessing based on the guitar you have that your amp is a small inexpensive beginner amp (I don't mean that in a negative way btw), if so don't bother upgrading the pick-ups, you won't hear a difference, get a decent amp before you start fiddling with anything like that.
P90s will NOT fit in a single coil sized thing, or a HSH routed guitar for that matter. Look at pickups that are actually single coil sized.

Anyways, before I start to make judgements, like the guy above, what amp do you have?
Cam Sampbell's my hero
yes i think the same, you should change amp first. If you really want change your pickups, i think you should buy a new guitar. Recent Squier even if they are not bad, are not really good instrument. So maybe buying 100$ pickups is not the best idea. Moreover they don't fit to the single-coil's "holes", and on those "low-cost" instrument it's spend money to work on the body to make the good holes.
--->buy a new amp, or a new guitar; and if you're rich buy the both

PS; sorry if my english is not very good but i speak speak french
Thanks everybody for your fast replies,

and Twx, your english is just fine to me .

Your guesses are right,
I have a small beginner 20W (crap) amp.

A Squier one, I got both the amp and the guitar second hand for about $150.
That's quite a while ago,
so I think it's indeed time for change.