Hi, a few years ago i saw this movie but i cant remember the name of it

it's about this guy that goes nuts because he's sick of his job or something

here are a few things i remembered:

-At the start of the movie, the guy is in his car in a traffic jam coming back from work

-at one point in the movie he's in this weird underground nazi-like shop

-at another point hes on this street that is being maintained by some building team and he has got a rocket-launcher, he asks how he uses it when this kid comes and tells him how to, he then fires a rocket that travels through a sewer-hole in the street and he blows something up

-at the end he's on a pier at sea and a cop chased him down to the end. his hand goes in his shirt and the cop thinks hes going for his gun so he guns him down but it turns out it was a water gun. he says "you got me"

thats all i got, hope anyone can help me
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It might have been the video for Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.
then you went on a hazy trip.
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It is indeed falling down. I have that movie.
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