i was wondering if any body else had one of these because it is such a great guitar never had one better! honestly mine sounded better than a les paul. but its just not as powerful.


heres the link to check it out mines the ruby fade

but if you ever find one for sell buy it and then slap the person selling it for being stupid enough to sell it.

it is the best guitar i have ever used and has never failed me yet.
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Yeah I got one at the moment. Had it for a couple years. It is a pretty decent guitar. I acutally got tricked into buying mine. I went in the store with $375 and was going to haggle for a MIM strat. The guy put the Gryphon in my hands and it felt really nice and smooth, so I took it home. I know. Stupid mistake.

Mine has failed me. A couple times. Two weeks after I bought it the wiring inside got all messsed up. So I had to wait a couple weeks to get it repaired. After that it worked fine. Recently however the wiring came undone completely! I tried to sodder, is that the word, it and that did nothing. So I have to get someone else to help me, otherwise the Gryphon is useless.

This guitar is great but the music it is designed for is not what I play. I love the blues and the Gryphon, while a great guitar, is not a good blues guitar at all. The coil splitter does a good job, I love the change in tone. Also it makes me a little quieter so if I need to get louder or quieter during a song I just pull the tone knob and it takes me down a bit and changes my sound completely.

Basically if you enjoy some good tone, great features, and a good deal this guitar is what you need. Just make sure that the music you play fits the guitar. Otherwise you end up where I am. Ha ha ha.
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