im looking for a distortion pedal, i want a black keys/ raconteurs/ led zepp kinda sound
something versitile, but chuncky sounding, i need soemthing which i can make fill out a large sound. i play a strat thro a diffrent set of amps.
best suggestions?
What amps?

And Jack White uses a Big Muff, which could also do The Black Keys, I'm sure it'll be able to do Led Zep, but I'm not too sure.
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erm amp is un decided yet. any suggestions there as well?
im getting a new one, i have about 200quid for one, i want 50watt plus. thinking vox valve tronix maybe. i saw an epiphone one which was 60watt for 120, it seemed ok
dont say " save and buy this valve ect." i only have 200quid to get the amp. i have saved for ages. i need 1500 for a trip to africa, 300 for recording stuff, and 70 for distortion pedal

but yeh any amp suggestions? i may try and get a marshall from somewhere second hand, i dont like the new soid state ones
Big Muff would do Black Keys and Jack White but deff not Zep
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well its not for led zep or black keys. it that kinda sound.
anything apart from big muff? i never played one. plus no shops near me stock it. so i dont know wher ei can try one out
Jack White and the Black Keys guy use big muff. So get it.
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black keys use russian big muff, pretty sure jack whites used it too.
also analogue man sun face
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black keys use russian big muff, pretty sure jack whites used it too.
also analogue man sun face

Jack White uses the NYC Muff Reissue through either a Silvertone amp, or a Twin Reverb.

Dan Auerbach uses a Earthquaker Devices Crimson Drive and Hoof Fuzz, and a vintage Sovtek Muff through various amps, including a JTM 45, a custom 100 watt Hiwatt, an Ampeg B12X, and various other amps.

Valvetronix is good, but if you are getting a muff for it, you should probably get a boost to go with it.
i would just get a fuzz face and Tubescreamer clones from generalguitargadgets. that could cover everything in the world if you know how to work them and have a nice amp
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