Black strat wanted - uk

something similar to the picture below, I would actually prefer a rosewood neck, but I am interested in anything really.
It does not have to be Fender because Tokai,Greco make great guitars, and I have heard good things about burny/fernades.
I have roughly £300 - £500 to spend on it right now.

I was keen on a Highway one, but I am opening my mind to other possibilites after trying a fender deluxe in the reverb store, with the push/pull humbucker. Very nice guitar.

I sent a pm back, could you let me know how much you want, and can you send me some pictures, and details of the guitar.
I have a black with white picguard nad a rosewood neck mexican strat with an american picgaurd, I'm in the US though
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That looks the same as a westfield strat =D but good luck with getting one!

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the picture is a clapton strat its that type of guitar i want, but I would rather get a standard strat and add my own mods to it
there is something a little 80's rock about that one. the refret puts me off as well