everyone is tellin me i should get a new amp, so im kinda considerin it, was thinkin of gettin another vox cos i do like what i have, but just want it to be better lol was thinkin that they Vox AD30VT-XL 30 Watt could be good but sure. any opinions on this amp or anythin else i should look into? i mainly play metal, like Megadeth, metallica, bullet for my valentine. i want somethin that is good for metal obviously but also a little classic rock n blues too. any suggestions would be helpfull, price range of up to about £200
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A Marshall Mini Stack?

Oh Lord no.

TS: Try out one of the Roland Cube amps, I think the 30 Watt one is just under that price.

The AD30VT is still a good amp though, it's just that the Cube is better for metal.

If I were you I'd try to try them both out to see which one you prefer.
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A Marshall Mini Stack?


A Vox AD30VT is meant to be a lot clearer than the XT, which is meant to be quite muddy. The VT can also get some high gain tones too, so yeah.
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The best modelling amps at reasonable money are either the Vox or the Cube. I've played both and can vouch that both are good products. I found the Vox to have a warmer and more valve-like tone to it but while it stood out as excellent for Classic Rock, it did struggle a lot more when it came to modern Metal. Vox realised this themselves, which is why they brought out the XL series. On paper it's superb and even the 50w version is inside your buget (just) but while it does do higher gain tones than the standard Valvetronix, it still isn't totally convincing if you're playing modern Metal. For the music you're playing the Roland Cube would be a much better bet. It doesn't have the valve warmth of the Vox but it is very good at the high gain Metal you mostly play as well as being very decent at other stuff. I also found the build quality to be rather better on the Roland and the effects were more convincing. What's more, the 30w can be had for only £118 and the 60w is only £148. A cheaper product, better built and far better suited to your preferred styles - surely a winning combination.
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