i was thinking of buying an sx guitar, does anybody know the best sx for heavy music.
I'd suggest the Agile AL-2000 over any SX, since they're much much better quality.
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
SX is by far the worst guitar brand I have ever used, outside of ebay trash. The necks are the worst on a guitar I have ever seen (the neck on the strat I played had a tangerine neck color), electronics need to be swapped out immediately, and the pickups are junk. Really the fact that it is made out of anice wood is the pro about these guitars, everything else is junk.

I hate the brand, and I immediately label anyone I see playing one as a tool. If you want a good cheap guitar, Squier has really improved in quality of the past year, and encore is also a good choice. I have recently discovered a brand called Vintage which is a good budget brand as well.
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Buy one if you plan to smash that on stage. That would make you über metal.

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