just came out.
See them here
completely new nanos. i think theyre ugly. not really new videos/classics, just expanded memory and a few new features. dno bout shuffles.

think theyre all kind of a waste tbh.

what you think?
I think you should post this in the ONLY ipod thread.
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Anyone else think its only a matter of time before apple start bringing this new stuff out on a weekly basis?

Seriously, they need to let their models novelty wear off at least a little before they go replacing them like this....
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Theres new iPod touchs too

No way i was just about to post this, but i want the new touch becaus emy old one doesnt have the speaker or outside volume control of thenew design. But the new one is probably unjailbreakable for a while

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tbh they just look like the old ones with bigger screen, i like my type (the last set)
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new ipods every september is kind of a waste.
at least every 18 months, not 12.
i prefer the previous gen ones.