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The other day I was walking down my street, in town, and I looked over the opposite side and there was this little girl. Only about eight years old, with no adults around her.

I thought 'hello, hello', and then I crossed the street trying not to look suspiscious. Soon I was walking within metres behind her, but she turned around and she noticed I was following.

So she started walking faster, I naturally sped up, not wanting to lose my prey and in a few seconds we were both running fast through my town. Only difference was that she had a face of panic, and I was wide-eyed and grinning.

After running solidly for a while, going around corners and bends, I began to catch up and reached my arm out to grab her, but she turned at the last minute into a side alley way and avoided my grasp. I however knew, for a fact, that the side alley was a dead end.

So I followed her walking slowly, trying to restore my energy for the big event.

Unfortunately for me however, when she got to the end of the alley way a dirty peadophile jumped up out of his hiding place in a bin and threw himself on the girl.
I said 'Sorry, I spotted her first, so therefore she's mine.'
The peadophile complained saying he'd been waiting there all day and deserved some, even if not alot, playtime.

Eventually I thought of a brilliant idea and said 'What if we play a game of rock, paper, scissors...whoever wins first time, gets the girl?' The peadophile looked blank for a while, and then agreed. So we both counted 'one, two, three.' and revealed our game hands.

Well, I had scissors but when I looked at the peadophile he was holding his hand in a rock shape. He had won.
Nah. Just kinda dumb.
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