can anyone recommend me a distortion pedal (under £100) for guns n roses kinda of music.

my amp is a fender blues junior and i have a les paul.

thanks guys, i bet this has been posted soo many timess
Your budget seems fairly large, so I'd say EHX English Muff'n should nail it, and it would sound gorgeous through the BJ. A DS-1 or DS-2 would be pretty close as well, and those sound spectacular through a fender amp, in my opinion.

Also, I saw your thread about a bass distortion, and I use my DS-1 for guitar and bass, and it sounds great with both. I haven't tried a DS-2 extensively, but I've heard great things.
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A brit voiced amp (marshall preferably) with a wah. Or, if that's not an option, I'd say the EHX English Muff'n.
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either the english muff'n or maybe the marshall jackhamer
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^ The jackhammer blows. I used one for a few months, the Dist channel is muddy and disgusting, and the OD channel is wayyyy too tweakable to be useful. I couldn't get the same sound twice, and it really wasn't that great to begin with. Keep in mind I spent $40 for it, not the new price. I say stay away or try it out EXTENSIVELY first.
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i get a nice "Knockin on Heaven's Door" tone from my old SD-1, mind you it's a 1980's one so it's running a 4558 chip, so i'd try a TS-9 or a TS-808.
Good luck mate.
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