The Beard has landed. Beard is a teenage rock band from conwy north wales. We have been together for around a year and just about to start giging. We play a mix of rock, metal acoustic and shed.
If you liked such acts as Foo Fighters, BFMV, or The Wallet Inspectors, you'll love a bit of Beard.
Not convinced? Picture yourself alone on an island with the likes of Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba (Guys), Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp (ladies).
Now the way you fell whilst picturing that is how Beard will make you feel.

For more information, or to book Beard for parties, gigs, funerals, brisks please visit www.bebo.com/beardband or www.myspace.com/beardwales

Comments and suggestions sent to beardband@hotmail.com

P.s all visiters will recieve free orange juice.....obviously this is a lie to ensnare you into our web. Did it work?