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---Pronoun Verb Noun---

she snipped hair short and
stood it on end.
donning diagonal jail-bar tees,
she called herself an individual.

She MacGyvered two bras together;
push-up on the right, strapless on the left.
Dubbed it her Plebeian petticoat
and called herself a walking oxymoron.

She sang tuneless rhythms whilst
strumming poorly tuned guitars and
muttering about sadness and gloom.
She called herself a visionary.

She painted a teardrop on her cheek
and gasped at its beauty. Air rushed into
her lungs, "Oh no, If I keep breathing
I'll be just like everyon

---The Painter Of The Anti-Christ---

An empty canvas is exposed
to the eyes of a lonely artist
who painted masterpieces in vain,
way ahead of mentality.
Society called him the Devil;
the painter of the anti-Christ, for
his drawings were the apocalypse.
He showed wars straightforwardly;
caught thought-waves to guide his path
to do the exact opposite.
He challenged men with winds of change
while people hid in screams and riots;
Been accused to die as a hanged man,
or feel the taste of a guillotine.
Without bearing this idea,
he designed a true master plan:
He shaved his hair, cut his beard
and left with his loyal disciple.
Caught a boat to Amsterdam,
left his hated Rome behind.
A last gaze to the Colosseum
after his temporary goodbye...

In Amsterdam this man observed
a society of libertinage;
there were no thought-waves to catch
since everyone rode his own wave.
And things that he only saw
in dark Rome’s underground,
were scenes of the day-by-day:
suburbia had formed a city.
So, he rented a small room
located in plain Damrak,
and bought a giant canvas,
seven feet high, fifteen feet length.
In a month it was completed
without any eye put on it.
So he returned to his hated Rome,
in a month a few has changed:
now, everyone forgot his name,
probably he was proclaimed dead.
The saga of his ancient paintings
was now a saga of the past.
With his attainment he created
expectations for his masterpiece.

It was set in Palazzo Chigi,
the room couldn’t take one more man.
Everyone was stunned with the curtain
covering a giant board.
With no further speech, the curtain fell down,
exposing the true masterpiece.
The crowd stood in aw for a moment
contemplating a huge marvel:
it was la Piazza del Popolo
and it centered an execution.
The guillotine was already down
and the head was on the stage.
(The blood flowing looked so real)
The skies were mixed in grey and black...
And then there were the people;
the ones that made it look so dreadful
because they filled a quarter canvas,
extolling this painting’s grandeur.
The people on the back looked joyful,
hands in air and smiles upon faces,
but as approaching to the stage
there was simply no joy at all...

As approaching to the stage
happiness turned to despair,
people kneeling down and crying
as if asking to God why.
Closing in, skin started melting,
spilling blood that looked so real;
Until all that’s being left
were skeletons on the front row.
The crowd now stood there appalled,
until our painter broke the silence
taking off his upper clothes
and exposing both his wounded arms,
saying the blood there was his
and he was the dead man too,
that’s what they wanted to see
but they never had the chance.
With no further introduction,
that was the painter of the anti-Christ;
that was the man who drew his death.
As they realized the board came true,
when his blood flowed through the stage
and his masterpiece was burned…
Both were decent pieces but I voted red...Blue reminded me too much of death metal (which I'm not a fan of)

The only thing that red lacked was the first two lines....

Good luck to both
Vivamus mea Lesbia, atque amemus,
rumoresque senum seueriorum
omnes unius aestimemus assis!

Old piece!

I'll vote some other time.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
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