I saw one yesterday at a pawn shop for $40.

How does it sound? I'm looking for something first off to improve my tone, and also something that can make some really strange sounds.

Is $40 too much to pay? It didn't come with an AC adapter.

I want to start experimenting with pedals is this a good place to start?
is that the one that shifts the delay timw with a foot pedal? you can get some seriously f*cked out tones with that thing. i say get it.
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nope thats the overdrive pedal, for $40 give it a try, the older dano pedals are solidly built
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I own one. It's a good pedal, got mine used for $45 and haven't looked back. I did have to have the out jack re-soldered. Having Bass/Mid/Treb controls is nice if your amp is two channel that shares eq controls. Try it first, but I wouldn't think twice if it's working fine. You could kill a Rhino with that thing, built like a tank.