I have posted this song before, but it was never commented on. I don't care if your comment is negative... I really want to know what you think so PLEASE comment and rate the song. I don't care if you hate it... just PLEASE tell me. Its really simple and its my first song... I've only been playing for ten months. But PLEASE comment on the song!!!

The vocals are to quite, but from what i heard its alright for a first song something to grow on. Good work
hey, thanks for taking the time the comment. the vocals are mostly quiet because i dont really have lyrics yet... im going to work on building this song. thanks for the comment
so... as said before: the voals are too quite. i would like to hear an updated version with lyrics.

your basic riff is quite okay. but it becomes boring after repeating it so often. the variation at about one minute sounds strange to me. try to find some kind of bridge that fits into the song better.

but i like the part where the lead guitar kicks in. do you think of it as a chorus ?

you should work on this ideas. at the moment it isn't really a song. try to find some new parts like an intro or so. and then work on the song structure.
ya, i never thought that part at about 1 minute was all that great, but i couldnt quite make anything else... ill definitely work on making it more interesting as well
dont really know what i think the lead guitar part is, but i guess that it could be considered a chorus
thanks for the crit