hello UG!

well lately i have begun to practice about 3 of 4 hours aday, and my finger tips are starting to hurt alot.. i use fender super bullet 11s, and they don't seem like knifes, but still my fingers are just melting..

anyone have some experience with this issue? should i just take a day of and don't practice? or can i use some sort of medical thing, to help the skin on my fingers regenerate?

/ Rasmus
Soul Decision's right, you'll have calluses soon, maybe take a day off though if it actually cuts the skin.

Once you have them, you'll keep them forever. (Although you might lose feeling in your fingertips)
well problem is that my fingers have builded up calluses... but because i play alot the calluses tend to disappear (falling of my fingers like old skin or what ever u call it)
That is normal also. It's dead skin basically, there is nothing you can really do about that....Except don't play for a couple days or so....If you want.
Your name is RoopeLatvalafan. You really need to ask yourself WWRLD (What would Roope Latvala Do??) He'd say "Suck it the **** up!! Your fingers start to hurt??? Drink, and don't stop drinking till the pain ****s off!!" Lol, I love Roope. Seriously though this is perfectly normal. Just play through it, if you can't I've heard of people coating their finger tips in methylated spirits to get a hard coating, but I wouldn't go that far.
HAHAHA yeah okay... what a tip :P:P:P... well problem is that it might influence my playing abit if i drank half a bottle of fernert brance before i started to play :P