What the **** is that idiot on the right wearing....

Jesus christ. That boy is as camp as a row of tents.
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I would like to know if jani (sitting in the left) is using a pod for his tone? , a red pedal can be seen behind him on his amp.


Pod 2.0 maybe?

Could be any number of things but if it's a POD then chances are he's using it for delays, reverbs and all of that kind of stuff, not any of the main bulk of his tone.
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Either way if you're thinking of getting one. GET IT. In fact get 2 or 3.
I have a Mesa Triple Rect. and a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100........these amps are the greatest BUT!!!!, the Line 6 POD is a must have for any guitarist whether its rock, metal, pop, country, and anything else. They make them for bass too. They are not that expensive so..... My advice is to save money and get the POD RACK MOUNT instead of the little pedal, but either way; you will be glad you got one. I got the pedal in 2003 and switched to the rack effect in 2006. So for 3 years the pedal version gave me everything I needed. But I have been converting all my footpedals into racks just because of better quality, control, and professionalism. Its ok to have a pedalboard on stage, but not these huge boards where you are constantly tap-dancing for things. A whammy, volume, wah, and A/B switches should be the only things on stage. So there's my opinion. Just remember its all about professionalism, not gadgets. Have all the gadgets your little heart desires, but don't leave them for everyone to see, that my friend is amateur.
In the video he never uses any kind of effect like reverb, at least I can't hear it .
The amp is a Marshall JCM but I think that the distortion is from the pod because the tone is a little digital I think.
That was a very toolish statement

do you work for line 6?
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haha, no, but I would like to buy one if it sounds like that.

I am looking for a good high gain digital processor because here I can't get a good high gain tube amp (I am from Uruguay)
I am planning a vacation trip to California next year but in the meantime I need something , even if it sounds digital.
i was actually referring to jdf250
My Strat/Modded '69 RI Mustang
Ovation 1117-4 c. '75
Fender Blues Jr. [JJ Power Tubes, White Grille, Warehouse Speakers Greenback Clone]

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Yea, I've had a bunch of people recommend the POD for a purchase. Not only can you record with it, but the various amp/effect/cab models can spurn some new ideas. Plus, the PODs actually sound really good nowadays, and sound great on recordings.

In fact, I believe Judas Priest used a POD on some tracks for Nostradamus.

Along with a Marshall MG15CD. O_O

No lie on either statement...it's in the latest Guitar Player.

And before people freak out, they used the MG for weird stuff, not like legitamate tracks or anything. ^_^

But I digress; its probably a POD. A lot of guys who do stuff for guitar mags like that use PODs because they can go straight to a PA or mixing board so they can go on the CDs that come with stuff like Guitar World or Total Guitar, or for online lessons like Guitar Player provides.