Ehh, I don't want to say no because there's always an exception to the rule somewhere if you try reaaaaally hard. But it'll be really hard. Plus you're making a mistake trying to make an american voice amp sound like a british voice. Don't rely on pedals to make your sound. Tone comes from your amp-then your fingers-then your guitar. Pedals compliment your tone.

So to answer your question for shizzle: no, not really.
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It's all in your hands. I have a bud that gigs a mic'd Blues Jr and they play a ton of stones stuff. He pulls it off well, because he knows what he's doing. Not an effect, practice...
It's possible. With a really "un-opinionated" amp like a twin reverb, you can get a marshall-style OD like the EH English Muff'n, and boost the mids a lot, and it will sound sort of like a marshall. It's not perfect, but you can get close.

To the guy above: it's not all in the hands. The Stones used tweed twins, not marshalls, so a fender should get that sound.
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something like a zvex box of rock or mi audio crunch box could help you on your way i guess....
Crunch Box or an OCD Fulltone will work. THE OCD gives my 6505 a "Marshallesque" growl/crunch it would otherwise NEVER have. Without hearing the other suggestions I'd def. recommend the OCD.
Ok, here's a history lesson for you:

Marshall based their first amp, the JTM45 off of a '59 Fender Bassman. It has similar circuitry, tubes, etc. Now you know why the marshall's sound dark.

You should also know that Fender has a '59 Bassman re-issue. They released it the same year Marshall released their JTM45 re-issue. Hmm, I wonder why?

Now that you know this, you have a few options:

-Buy a vintage blackface or blonde bassman head ( 800$-1200$)
-Buy a Bassman '59 reissue (1200$)

If you want a distortion pedal, get a Marshall Bluesbreaker or an English muffin.
The 'breaker's cheap, and the muffin' is expensive.
Boosting your mids with an eq pedal and a gain boost can dramatically increase the available tones on your amp ... it won't turn a fender into a marshall, but it will get you part way there.
^^Isn't the biggest difference between a Bassman and a JTM45 that the tubes are different?
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i actually set out on this mission, about two weeks ago, to try and get my blues junior into early clapton territory, i tried both the xotic bb preamp, and the zvex box of rock

i tried both, and they both were nice, but the bb was able to hit the same tone as the zvex PLUS more, the bb was more versitle, and able to get that same sounds,

both sounded marshall esque, but the truth is, it was close but no cigar, you really cant get a true marshal sound, u can imitate it decently, but cannot hit the hammer on the nail, and to me cashing out 200 dollars for those pedals, was not worth it to get that "almost" sound

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^^Isn't the biggest difference between a Bassman and a JTM45 that the tubes are different?

No. You see, when Marshall first came out with the amp, it was designed for 5881 tubes, like the Bassman. Due to a shortage of those tubes in Europe, they then used KT66s.I was talking about the first JTM 45s, but I didn't clarify that. Sorry.

That still doesn't justify the fact that they still put 5881 tubes in their JTM 45 RI and Bluesbreaker RI.
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Just by switching the positions of the stuff around makes a different beast. Even premod, my 1995 BluesJr is darker sounding then a MIM BluesJr.
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a 59 bassman sounds remarkably similar to an early marshall.............
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a 59 bassman sounds remarkably similar to an early marshall.............

hmmmm.......I wonder why ?