so i used my laptop's webcam to record me covering a song today...not the best quality because the my speakers, my amp, and myself was standing about 8-9 away from the computer (it was on my bed)

but funny thing is...i didnt think my tone was that good when i was playing, i thought it was all mushed together & not very distinguishable.

but when i listened to the recording when i was done....my tone sounded nice and crunchy, the breakdowns & palmmutes were good, & my pinch harmonics had good squeal...

im wondering why i didnt think it sounded good but i liked it on the computer


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Upload the clip and lets hear. Maybe you're just tone deaf.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Things usually sound better recorded loud with the mic far away.
I'm sure someone has a better explanation.
i always felt like that too. i used to record with some cheap dollar store mic about 4 feet away from the amp. mind you it was still crap, considering it was a frontman 15g, but way better than what i thought i was hearing
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