Alright, so i'm customizing this cheap strat and i dropped some pickups in it from a Peavey Triple X.

Now what i want to do is have 2 knobs; 1 tone, 1 volume and 1 switch; on/off for every pickup.
Meaning I can manipulate my sound whichever way i want. [within the capability of my pickups]

does anyone have a wiring diagram for this ?
I tried googling it but i can't find any.
I know Vester guitars use this and I'd much appreciate it if anyone had a wiring diagram and be willing to share it

Thanks alot!
I would like a response soon if I can. I wanna get this guitar done before my next gig :p
help ? anyone ?

I need to know how to wire it.

I got 2 pickups and a humbucker from a Triple X

Could i just wire them all like this:

Pickup > Tone > Volume > Switch > Input Jack

and what about capacitors ?