HI, I thought I would venture into this area hoping you can help me with a new used amp I just acquired and its sound. The amp is the Peavey Classic 212, the 50 watt tube amp with the 6L6GC output tubes. The guy who sold it to me recently replaced the tubes with Fender ones and tidied up the speaker connections

Now, when I got it home and turned it one, it was quite quiet, of course, some of the knobs scratch and crackle a bit. However, when I play a chord or pick a note, it distorts or sustains long after I stop, unless I dampen the strings. Since I am a new guitarist entering into the tube domain, can you help me try and figure out what is going on and how I can fix your diagnosis.

Is it supposed to hang on to the input like that, or would bad tubes or speakers cause that to happen? I checked out the tubes, they do look like they are working properly and look new. The speakers however are very old, originals, and are wired in series, as the amp needs 4 ohm for its deliverance. So, what should I be looking for, to fix, the tubes or the speakers, or some bias problem, or other snag? Please get back to this thread when you can and assist me in repairing the sound of this nice vintage amp. Appreciate it, psingman

well, i'm not an amp tech but I don't see what the problem is. Sustain is good no? Yes, you are supposed to keep your hand or palm on the strings when not playing. Have you owned a tube amp before? Maybe I'm minimizing something. I am curious as to why he used Fender tubes and don't know if you would be having biasing issues. Would it work at all if that was the case? Are the current tubes Fender 6L6GC's?

Does it sound bad?
Can you upload a clip?
Can someone else help this guy out?
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Maybe you're talking about reverb? I'm not really sure what the problem is...