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The 2 best colours EVER pitted against each other? No wai!

I voted lime.

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btw lime kicked ass

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Team Lime Green!
Eh, looks ok. Not big fan of Parkers cuz some of have that headstock like yours. I see myself breaking too many strings up at the stock if I had 1 of those. But I hope you have fun with it.
ewwwww.....The guitar is just wrong...in every way!

WOOHOO to you tho! =P
not my cup of tea, but **** it!

Rock on bro. have fun with that fiddle
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Nice. Friend of mine has a Parker and it plays great.

He recently upgraded to a Gibson Custom Shop Slash Sig. Les Paul, though (for $4000 ) so he don't play the Parker no more.
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What the hell is a G&L.

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Greg what did you send me??
looks good, except for that headstock. But hey, I'M not playing it... so have fun if YOU like it!

Looks great. I'd kill for a 7 string parker. Congrats.
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why do you need to have ur amp flat bickie in your house if you are just practicing is what i'm wondering? Of course it's bad for every1's hearing

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i'm not a fan but if you like it thats all that matters!

hope you enjoy it man congrats
Thanks!! It sounds awesome!! Even through a shit amp. But that all should change soon. Just need to wait for the next pay check. The Piezo is just awesome. Sounds great. Eventually I would like to get an amp for just the acoustic. Nice feature of either mixing the piezo's with the pickups in one amp or seperate them for two amps.
<3 love that finish. I quite like the shape, you can bend strings from headstock easy too
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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