My SG wont stay in tune so I need new ones.
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anything locking, totally worth the money
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annoying to tune?? that's stupid. Locking NUTs are annoying to tune. I have Schaller locking tuners on my Carvin and I love them.
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any locking tuners should do, but winding the strings around the post properly also does wonders.
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Well, here's a tip bout lockin tuners. This works really well if you overuse the whammy like I do sometimes. DON'T lock the lockin tuner part. Jus let them rest on top the strings with nough room to tune by the tunin pegs. Trust me, it stays in tune 100%+ better.
Also, here's a thought. It might be your tuners that are causin the touble. It might be that your strings as old. I'd have it checked out at the local guitar shop.
What about a new nut and bridge? I hear graph-tec nuts are good.
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locking nut wouldn't work without a new bridge i.e. a bridge with fine tuners.

locking tuners and a new bone or graphite nut should work well.

new strings might not be fully stretched though. try stretching them (if they're new) before spending money on new hardware.
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Yep, stretch my strings and replace them every 1-2 weeks.
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